Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival

You Are My Sunshine (Feature)


Country of Origin: UNITED KINGDOM

The affectionate story of the lifelong romance between teenagers Tom and Joe, from their first humble meeting in the 1970s, in a world only just waking up to homosexuality, to the sunset of their time together decades later.


David Hastings

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Born in Walsall, West Midlands, UK in October 1982, Dave Hastings was immediately captivated by films, and spent most of his youth digesting all types of them from varying different genre. From Hammer Horror, Slasher films all the way to pure drama, thrillers and romance, Dave was fascinated, and after a while became interested in how these movies were made. This led him on a path to film school and university, where he holds a Masters in Film & Screen Studies, as well as continually challenging himself as a filmmaker, having directed award winning shorts and features which have been seen over the world. An activist for LGBTQ+, Dave also writes scripts that explore differing aspects of the landscape, that help tell stories of conflict as well as acceptance.