Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival

What to Expect When You’re NOT Expecting


Country of Origin: USA

In this queer comedy short, Spencer and his husband Elliot run into one road-block after another in their journey toward becoming Daddy’s, while Spencer’s best friend, London, deals with her own parenthood problems. Spencer eventually learns that all good things take time, even for such an anal retentive couple.


Jackson Tropp

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Jackson Tropp is a versatile SAG-Eligible actor, writer, and director from the Bay Area and based in Los Angeles, known for his engaging presence across television, film, and live entertainment. With a talent for bringing stories to life, whether on screen or behind the camera, Jackson has a knack for comedy, drama, and everything in between. He’s obtained a B.A. in Theatre Arts & Electronic media and has trained with some of the best in LA. Recent highlights include starring in the queer horror short film “Last Night” and taking a supporting role in the promising webseries, “Not Like Other Girls,” “What to Expect When You’re NOT Expecting” is Jackson’s directorial debut.