Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival

Waiting for Nothingness


Country of Origin: CHINA

“I dream of a man every day, but I have never seen him. I didn’t know who he was, I just knew that I was going to wait for him to appear in this city. Then I finally waited for him, because I made the most meaningful decisions of my life.”



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A free-lance, living in Beijing, CHINA, working in the post-production and theatre industry. He is exploring the crossover between film and theatre.

Short Film Director’s Work
“TAKE YOURSELF HOME” The first short film written, directed and directed by myself
“WAITING FOR NOTHINGNESS” Original queer short film
“WATCHING” The 2nd B·O·N·D International Virtual Performance Festival – Monologue Play
“STRAWBERRY” Short film from the Queer University Image Creation Camp
“LONG EVENING” Short Film of Solo Monologue Performance

Image Design Work for Theatre Live
“WORLD ON WIRE” The invited productions of the 8th Wuzhen Theatre Festival in 2022
“METAMORPHOSIS” The Invited productions for the 1st Anaya Theatre Festival in 2021