Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival



Country of Origin: USA

Kelly and Mason, both alcoholics, one in recovery and the other still falling prey to his deadly addiction, reconnect one night after months apart, when Mason reaches out for help.


Stanley Bain

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In 1974, I came into this world, and for the next eighteen years I grew up on the Navajo Reservation in Indian Wells, Arizona. When I was not tending to chores for my parents or herding sheep for my grandparents, I spent time playing with my siblings and cousins. My imagination bloomed, and with the creation of the VCR and our small 19-inch television, I became an avid viewer of film and television. I enjoyed everything. It was not until my parents dragged me to see Dances With Wolves, did I realize that movies could be so much more. At the time, the emotions that particular film evoked spoke to me differently, unlike anything had ever before.

In 1999, I obtained a Bachelors in Mathematics from Arizona State University. I worked at the university for a couple of years utilizing my degree but moved on. In 2016, I relocated to Denver to attend Colorado Film School. After three years, I graduated in Writing/Directing for Motion Picture. While there, I worked on numerous projects, in a variety of positions, and directed seven of my own films, which I wrote and produced, as well. At the beginning of 2020, I relocated to New Mexico, seeking opportunity in the growing film and television industry there. As it did for the rest of the world, the pandemic placed my plans on hold, but as a recipient of the Senator John Pinto Native Filmmakers Memorial Fund, I was able to complete post production on my film Together, which I began during my final year at film school.

As of today, Together has been selected for numerous film festivals including the Phoenix Film Festival, the American Indian Film Festival and the LA Skins Film Fest. At Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival we were bestowed with the distinction of “Festival Favorite”, and recently we received the “Achievement in Student Filmmaking” Award at the 10th Annual Native American Media Awards. Being a filmmaker provides the opportunity to tell a good story with great characters to provide that escape, or even make an impact beyond that escape, on someone else’s life, as it did for mine. Ultimately, my goal is to tell the stories I want to see on screen, stories that no one is telling and hopefully elevate others with similar goals.