Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival

Things Left Unsaid


Country of Origin: ITALY

Luca is having lunch with his parents and his partner. During the goliardic atmosphere between embarrassments and smiles, Luca makes a very important confession at the table. The clarification with the parents and with the partner will put Luca in front of the awareness of being a victim of his imagination and of not having had the real courage to externalize the unspoken things.


Daniele Catini

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Daniele Catini was born in Tarquina on 19th October 1979. He started to study dance and acting from 16 years old. He studied acting at “Palcoscenico di Civitavecchia” School and continued his education at “Silvio D’Amico” Accademy.
In 2019, Daniele studied scriptwriting and directing at “Il laboratorio d’arte cinematografica” of Rome.
He was rewared with various National awards as “Premio Mario Monicelli” for “Best Director” at Noto International Festival and “Best Director” at “Piceno Film Festival” for the short “Things Left Unsaid”. He also won “Best Director” award for “”Dinner with Delivery” at “Terni Film Festival”.