Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival

The Zoo


Country of Origin: Canada

Magi, mom of 12-year-old, Kik attempts to repair their family after two years of navigating the carceral system. Magi returns home to their partner Anaelle, who has been taking care of Kik, while Magi was away. The thing Magi wants most in the world right now is to be able to reconnect with, Kik by accompanying them on a school field trip to The Zoo.


Kyisha Williams

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Toronto-born Artist, Director, and Health Promoter. Kyisha fuses public health and digital media by creating socially relevant content that discusses health and promotes healthy sexuality. Kyisha created their first film Red Lips [cages for Black girls] (2010), with the support of the Inside Out Film Festival’s New Visions Film Program. In 2016, Kyisha completed the Black Women Film! Leadership Program and in 2017 their team won the BravoFact pitch competition allowing them to create Queen of Hearts (2018). Kyisha’s short doc Mothering in Quarantine (2020) won best short documentary at the Toronto Film School Film Festival.

At present, kyisha is working on several film projects, at different stages of production. Preference; a dramatic feature film about two Black bisexual womxn and reproductive choice; ZARMINA; a sci-fi futuristic short and TV series about the COVID-related end of this world.