Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival

The Remaining Sundays


Country of Origin: Spain

August 1993. Dani has just turned 13. His family moves to a house in the suburbs. The discovery of an abandoned box in his new closet takes Dani to Miguel, a much-needed example missing in his life.


Manolo Pavón

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At the age of 9, he received his first camera, a small compact one, and discovered the slides that he spent hours projecting. It was difficult for his father to understand that the family did not appear in them but other elements did. Since then he played with his brother to make short films with friends and there was not a birthday or trip in which they did not make their own version of TV shows or music videos, and from there they went on to work with directors of the caliber of Wim Wenders, Sally Potter, Alex de la Iglesia, Víctor Erice, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Mateo Gil, Rodrigo Cortés or Pedro Almodóvar among others. “Pain and glory”, “Mother”, “Palm trees in the snow”, “30 coins”, “Altamira” or “Down a dark hall” are just some of the many titles whose scenes his lens has witnessed. The same one that has been able to look into the eyes of names like Emma Roberts, Penélope Cruz, Milla Jovovich, Antonio Banderas, Uma Thurman, Roberto Álamo, Antonio de la Torre, Javier Bardem or Ángela Molina among a long list.