Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival

Pillow Talk


Country of Origin: USA

With a new dating device that simulates physical touch, an isolated chef, Jerome, uses it to make a genuine connection. After only finding men looking for virtual one-night stands, he finally stumbles upon Minoru, an awkward artist who lives on the other side of the world. An unlikely bond builds between them as they both express their passions for cooking and painting. Their brief interaction bubbles to an erotic climax as the two find comfort in their shared loneliness.


James Elinski

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James is a recent film production graduate of Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. James has created films ranging from drag queen extravaganzas to introspective depictions of gay hook up culture. His mission in film is to bring LGBTQ+ storytelling to the mainstream and normalize the portrayal of gay characters in entertainment. Building off his previous work, James continues his quest to highlight queer characters in his films. Born during the loneliness and isolation of quarantine, Pillow Talk is James’ exploration into the emotions that this past year has made him feel.