Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival

One Day


Country of Origin: USA

Three poems by Eleanor Mutuc have been woven together to tell how one trans-woman discovers her inner beauty and self-worth after finding her boyfriend cheating.


Steven Vasquez

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Steven came into filmmaking at a later age. His two favorite movies are Mary Poppins and Blue Velvet, and David Lynches Ereaserhead significantly influences him. Steven is a functioning schizophrenic, so not everything in his stories always connects until the very end. His characters often find themselves in very dark places, but like his favorite film, Steven always serves up the mayhem with a spoonful of sugar. And love wins out in the end.
Steven is married to his Jr. high sweetheart. With four grown and successful children, two grandchildren, and two godchildren, of which he is the primary babysitter, he is perhaps the least successful gay man ever! That aspect is lived vicariously through his promiscuous on-screen characters.