Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival

Mona’s North Beach Noir

Historical Fiction

Country of Origin: USA

San Francisco. 1953. Mitch Marlowe, a lesbian detective, lands in town to start a new life passing as a man.  It’s the era of smoky jazz clubs, corrupt cops and a vibrant queer underground where she quickly discovers Mona’s 440 Club.  But is it  safe for them anywhere.

MONA’S is a proof of concept project based on NORTH BEACH STORY, a feature film and pilot project currently in development.   We are currently looking for a well connected executive producer to help us to the next level. Please contact us at for info on investment/producer opportunities.


Kip Pearson

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Kip Pearson is a San Francisco based filmmaker finally getting her chance to make movies. She has penned several award winning short and feature screenplays.  These stories all feature strong female and queer characters in historical contexts.  Kip has also crewed in some 20+ indie projects as production assistant, script supervisor and assistant director. More of her work is noted on her website as well as