Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival

Las Reinas de los Cuentos


Country of Origin: USA

A Latinx drag queen activist couple in San Diego uses storytelling to educate and empower children, foster community, and spread a universal message of understanding and self-acceptance. Barbie Q and Raquel Ita inspire a love of reading while teaching deeper lessons of building an equally diverse and inclusive society.


Paul Detwiler

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Paul Detwiler is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker and science educator based in San Diego who is interested in new media and documentaries, and in developing creative filmic collaborations between artists, academics, and deep thinkers. His films reflect fluid, metaphorical spaces exploring the intersections of memory, lyricism, and desire in queer subcultures. His films have screened at over 100 festivals on 5 continents, winning 10 awards. His mission is to create artistic and socially relevant film projects that entertain, educate, inspire, and challenge audiences to develop new understandings of our shared humanity.