Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival

Keep In Touch Ep. 1 (WEB Series)


Country of Origin: USA

In Episode 1, Meric needs a dextral update.


Lillian Bornstein &

Lili Fox-Lim

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Lillian Bornstein [they/she] is a writer, actor, and director based in Brooklyn, New York. Lillian’s work explores themes of intimacy, gender, power, and queerness, pushing the boundaries of what’s represented in mainstream media and the types of relationships and identities that are given screen time. Lillian studied at Stanford University and The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Lili Fox-Lim [she/her] is an actor, creator, and comedian. Lili is an LA native (go Lakers!), and she loves learning languages and sword-fighting. Lili believes in media and art as forms for making change in the world with stories. Lili is an athlete, musician, self-proclaimed “nerd-jock hybrid,” and member of the Solve M.E. Community Advisory Council. She studied at Stanford University.