Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival

I Remember You (Finalist ~ Best Film)


Country of Origin: United Kingdom

When two men bump into each other at a market place, things quickly prove to be not as it seems when memories start re-surfacing from one of the men’s enchanted heart. In pursuit of answers, a tale of love, loss, grief, and magic is uncovered.


Tatyana Archtander

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Tatyana Archtander is a recent graduate from the University of Dundee with a batchlor degree in animation with honors. She is from a Norwegian coastal city where their education provided courses in architecture, painting, design, photography, and printing. From 2018-2019 they spent a year taking classes in musical theatre before pursuing their education in 2D animation. A lover of all things fantasy she spends the majority of her free time playing TTRPGs and making artistic assets to accompany the games she plays.