Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival



Country of Origin: Australia

When Robert’s best friend convinces him to go speed dating, he never expected to run into the guy that ghosted him six months ago after an amazing 24 hours together. Questioning if he is good enough, he hasn’t had another date since his time with Brian. Is there something wrong with him? Does he have a good reason? Robert sits through an evening of speed dates while he anxiously watches his best mate have a great first date with Brian, riddled with self-doubt while waiting for his moment to understand why he never called.


Danny Barton

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I am first time filmmaker and my passion and focus has always been in front of the camera as an actor. I had had a number of ideas for short films that always seemed very complex and my confidence in developing my own story daunted me. After attending a number of film festivals and seeing the calibre of work that could be produced, especially using a mobile phone, I was inspired to develop my own work.

What started as a way to create part for the myself, Ghosted quickly evolved into a project with a focus on providing opportunity to as many LGBTQIA+ people as possible. However I wanted to celebrate all diversities of gay life without the story being about diversity itself.

In the end, from a cast of 22 and a crew of 8, 28 people are all members of the community and I am so proud of the outcome.