Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival

Dear Sister (FINALIST)


Country of Origin: USA

“Dear Sister” is a short film set in the countryside of historical England, following Eddie–a young farm boy, who feels dissatisfied with the role he was given in life. Through a whimsical lens of wild wonder, we peel back the layers of their subconscious, and it revealed to us who Eddie truly is inside.


Amy Welch

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Amy Welch is a young artist living in Brooklyn NY, and is a fresh new face to the film world. 26 year old and lesbian identifying, she is courageously setting forth to use her voice to tell the stories she’d like to see in the world. She is passionate about LGBTQ and women-centered stories, and is especially interested in liberating queer historical narratives. In the past, she’s primarily been an actor (Atlantic Acting School alumni, 2019) and a writer but as a director she hopes to breathe some new life into the industry. “Dear Sister” is her debut film as a director, which was shot over the summer of 2020 during quarantine with her artistic partner, Jeremy Partyka. They have been making films together since adolescence and are excited to venture into the professional world of filmmaking.