Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival



Country of Origin: Canada

Much like a photographer to a camera, a designer to new fabric or a painter to a blank canvas, this film is meant to encapsulate possibility. Fashion Art Toronto is a blend of culture, fashion, photography, film and art. FAT can be whatever it needs to be for many; any emotion, expression or vision. Each designer and artist brings their own unique story. We wished to capture this through characters that embodied these stories and emotions as well as to synthesize the idea of creation and what it means to everyone involved.


Nisara Ashif Somani

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Nisara Ashif Somani is a 23-year-old Canadian filmmaker and writer based in Toronto. Nisara finished her bachelor’s degree with honours at Toronto Metropolitan University in film studies in early 2023 shortly after production finished for her film Creation. At the time, she was finishing school, writing and directing this film, and working full-time for Policaro Group on the marketing team. Her focus in school was writing and directing LGBTQ+ stories in the horror and fantasy genres. Her current focus is media production, working on campaigns, advertisements and shorts for the fashion and automotive industries. She has led Fashion Art Toronto’s video production team every season for the last two years, through fifty live designer runway shows for Canada’s largest and longest ongoing fashion week.