Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival

Black Dog

SERIES (Part One)

Country of Origin: Turkey

When everything is going well in his life, the man of daily relations Ege and depressive, introverted, asocial Berk unexpectedly fall in love with each other,
they find themselves in a love game where they fight for supremacy with only one winner.


Fırat Uran

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Fırat Uran was born in Adana in 1988. After graduating from Bahçeşehir Faculty of Law, he completed five certificate programs on filmmaking at UCLA University in Los Angeles. Having studied directing at NYFA, Uran returned to Turkey in 2015 and completed his Cinema TV master’s degree at Istanbul Bilgi University. The movie he shot, The Door, was among the 25 selected films from the world and participated in the filminute festival. Photographing the Lifeless Mannequins of Istanbul with Polaroid at this time, Uran’s works were included in the exhibition The Model at Karaköy Space Debris. His first book, Lost on the Highway, was published in 2018. His second book, The Black Dog, was published in May 2020. In 2021, the books, Those Who Can’t Be, I Want to Write a Book were published. Photographs of Lifeless Mannequins were turned into a book and published. Uran is the producer of the podcast named Survival 202 these days. For more information you can visit