Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival

Amongst The Myrtle Trees


Country of Origin: USA

Amongst The Myrtle Trees is a 2D animated short film that centers around Camellia, a reverend’s daughter in 1880’s Mexico, and her struggle between following her heart and appeasing her father and his superstitious congregation.


Yisel Tapia & Carson Stringer

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This film is a love letter to all those small-town queers and the gay kids in religious communities, to the queer Latinos that don’t quite fit in, to the black sheep with a love and identity that can’t be hidden. Yisel’s affinity for floriography, period-piece dramas, and queer Latine narratives laid the foundation for this one-of-a-kind short film; and its nearly 70 helping hands are the reason it’s come to fruition. To all of you out there that worry your happy ending won’t come without a fight, this film is for you. You may have to carve yourself a new door when ignorant loved ones shut theirs on you, but just know that you’re never alone. There will always be family waiting to be found, on a new path you will pave yourself.