Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival

Aleeya (Finalist ~ Best Film)


Country of Origin: USA

Aleeya attempts to break away from the life of most transgender women in India in search of normalcy. The harder she tries to break away from the only world she knew of begging and prostitution, the more she is haunted by a society that won’t accept her. A dark road awaits her, but can she find her way through?


Nina Mahesh


Nina Mahesh is a second-generation Indian American TV writer, screenwriter and director based in NYC, LA and Michigan. Nina holds a MFA in film from Columbia University, a MBA from Cornell University and a BA from the University of Michigan. Nina mainly writes about confident, wide-eyed characters, who are seeking to fit into the world while also discovering who they really are. Nina’s work aims to highlight underrepresented communities, whether it be to create awareness, showcase a new point of view or to simply provoke empathy for the unknown. Her work has explored the roles of gender, race and privilege in our world.