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  • Pink Walls

    Pink Walls

    Pink Walls (Based On A True Story) Drama Country of Origin: USA A 15 year old transgender youth decides on whether to read a poem he wrote to a group of school peers, revealing his true self. DIRECTOR/PRODUCER Dylan Warrington No EMAIL Social Media ABOUT THE DIRECTOR Dylan is a Director, Producer, Writer, Editor, and…

  • Echoes of Edges

    Echoes of Edges

    Echoes of Edges Experimental Country of Origin: USA A visual journey of the unseen. This piece is in dedication to and a ritualistic celebration of Tigre Bailando, who was an artistic mentor and beloved of mine who left the world of their own volition. They were a p.o.c. two-spirit in bodily transition. The cast was…

  • Cover Up

    Cover Up

    Cover Up Drama Country of Origin: USA After a disheartening encounter, a young transwoman regains confidence with the help of her kind-hearted crush. WRITER/DIRECTOR Abigail Espinal Social Media ARTIST STATEMENT Abigail Espinal is a queer, transgender writer, filmmaker, and performer who enjoys creating weird, comedic stories. She has nine years of on-stage experience and…

  • National Pride

    National Pride

    National Pride Drama Country of Origin: Denmark During a national match, the football stadium is packed with cheering fans in football jerseys and beers in their hands. However, a completely different battle is taking place in the stands; a battle between two groups of friends with Julius and Robert on the front line. A collision…

  • Barbette + Fontaine

    Barbette + Fontaine

    Barbette + Fontaine Documentary Country of Origin: USA A century apart, two drag icons unite through art, resilience, and a shared legacy of self-expression and freedom. Leading the cast is Cynthia Lee Fontaine of RuPaul’s Drag Race. CO-DIRECTOR + PRODUCER John-Carlos Estrada Social Media DIRECTOR STATEMENT John-Carlos Estrada, a news anchor and filmmaker, transformed…

  • You, Me, & Him

    You, Me, & Him

    You, Me, & Him Drama Country of Origin: Australia In this heart warming fable, we look through the queer lens at a Man lost in the depths of the Aussie bush. What or who is he running from? In a split reality, battling the same wild landscape, a magical Drag Queen leads a Young Boy…

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  • Welcome to the Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival.

    The Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival (SVQFF) was developed to join thousands of other Film Festivals, with a focus on LGBTQ+ films (short and feature-length). Our Films are screened via password-protected pages, to protect our participating filmmakers and their films. via registration. All viewers MUST REGISTER to receive their access information. We welcome you and…