Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival

Category: May2023

  • Woodland


    Woodland Drama / Animation Country of Origin: The United Kingdom Deep in the countryside, Alastair, a young gay arborist, navigates a lonely existence. When he meets the beautiful, rugged Fergus amongst a backdrop of lush and secluded woodland, sparks predictably fly. However, when faced with a small town entrenched in traditional values and a community […]

  • DogFriend


    DogFriend Comedy-Drama Country of Origin: Germany A date takes an unexpected turn in this meditation on race, politics and history in Germany. PRODUCER Sailesh Naidu Social Media ABOUT THE PRODUCER Sailesh Naidu (they/them) is a poet, filmmaker, and researcher who explores the relationship between the deeply personal and the deeply connected. They spent the […]

  • Sweet n’ Salty

    Sweet n’ Salty

    Sweet n’ Salty Animation Country of Origin: USA A mermaid’s biases jeopardize her relationships and her bakery FILMMAKER Hunter Mascia Social Media ABOUT THE ARTIST Hunter Mascia is a 3D Artist specializing in CFX. They recently graduated from RIT with a BFA in Film and Animation, and is currently doing freelance work. Hunter credits […]

  • The Exploding Boy

    The Exploding Boy

    The Exploding Boy Comedy Country of Origin: USA Alex Silver dreams of becoming the next Jim Henson. Unfortunately, his life is no happy puppet show. His dad is overbearing, his school is oppressive, and even people in the neighborhood seem out to get him. But everything changes when he meets a charismatic transfer student. DIRECTOR […]

  • Head


    Head Documentary Country of Origin: USA A relationship is tested when consent is questioned and acceptance of who you really are influences everything. DIRECTOR Benjamin Hess Social Media ABOUT THE ARTIST Benjamin Hess is a writer/director in Colorado. He enjoys creating engaging films and music videos. Benjamin believes the only things you can’t accomplish […]

  • Brother


    Brother Drama Country of Origin: USA Tony, a young immigrant to the US, invites his conservative sister to his upcoming wedding to his boyfriend Carlos — a fateful decision that forces Tony to choose between his family and his happiness. WRITER/DIRECTOR Aleksei Borovikov Social Media ABOUT THE ARTIST Aleksei Borovikov is a filmmaker, journalist, […]