Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival

Category: March2022

  • Views from the Airplane Window

    Views from the Airplane Window

    Views from the Airplane Window Drama Country of Origin: NEW ZEALAND Told through a lens of movement vignettes and no dialogue, this film explores a once real life relationship of a queer couple and the brief but meaningful moments of tenderness they shared. This project is part of the 9 part dance film series “Turbulent […]

  • Waiting for Nothingness

    Waiting for Nothingness

    Waiting for Nothingness Drama Country of Origin: CHINA “I dream of a man every day, but I have never seen him. I didn’t know who he was, I just knew that I was going to wait for him to appear in this city. Then I finally waited for him, because I made the most meaningful […]

  • Queer Mongol

    Queer Mongol

    Queer Mongol Documentary Country of Origin: USA Queer Mongol follows four characters over the course of Mongolia’s LGBTQ+ Pride Festival, who embody a diversity of gender and sexual identities. The film is a meditation on queerness in the non-west and a nuanced glimpse into a nascent movement on the Central Asian Steppe. DIRECTOR Brandt Miller […]

  • Love You Anyway

    Love You Anyway

    Love You Anyway Documentary Country of Origin: USA Faith and family collide in this heartbreaking documentary that follows a family unable to accept their daughter’s homosexuality in the face of their religion. FILMMAKER Julia Stroman Social Media

  • I Am We

    I Am We

    I Am We Documentary Country of Origin: USA Dawn Langley Simmons was one of the first transgender and interracial marriage pioneers. DIRECTOR Ron Davis ABOUT THE DIRECTOR Ron Davis has produced and directed seven films including, Pageant (2008, Sundance Channel),Miss You Can Do It (2013, HBO Original), Harry & Snowman, (2016, Netflix), Life in […]

  • Hope Acre

    Hope Acre

    Hope Acre Documentary Country of Origin: USA A queer, women-owned, small farm in Sebastopol, CA finds hope through fostering and creating space for community. WRITER/DIRECTOR Michelle Docter

  • Wonderfully Made

    Wonderfully Made

    Wonderfully Made Documentary Country of Origin: USA “Wonderfully Made – LGBTQ+R(eligion)” is the extraordinarily moving feature-length documentary striking at the root of anti-LGBTQ attitudes by exploring the challenges and aspirations of LGBTQ+ Catholics due to the institutional Church’s formal rejection of their identities. The film focuses on the Catholic Church because it is one of […]

  • Boundless


    Boundless Educational Country of Origin: USA Come swim with us through the limitless pools of our trans and nonbinary spirits. FILMMAKER David Chai ABOUT THE ARTIST David Chai is a filmmaker and professor of animation at San Jose State University. He is blessed to have so many beautiful students and is proud to share the […]

  • 7 Minutes

    7 Minutes

    7 Minutes Drama Country of Origin: USA Two college freshmen are forced into a bathroom together after being dared to complete 7 minutes in heaven at a party. Both feel pressured to follow through with the dare, because of a secret they both share. WRITER/DIRECTOR Halia Reingold Social Media ABOUT THE ARTIST Halia Reingold […]

  • Shukran Habibi

    Shukran Habibi

    Shakrun Habibi Drama Country of Origin: FINLAND Refuge man Mohamed finds a special connection with Kristian, a finnish family man. WRITER/DIRECTOR Ville Tanttu Social Media ABOUT THE ARTIST Ville Tanttu, b 1967, is a freelance filmmaker based in Helsinki.He has worked the last 20 years as a director and cinematographer mostly for the Finnish […]