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  • June


    June Comedy Country of Origin: USA June is a gas-station attendant, withered by the mundaneness of her central-valley life. She has recently come out as bisexual, much to the confusion of her manager Claudia who wants the best for her favorite (and only) employee. When June’s childhood best friend, Nia, wanders into the gas station…

  • The Prince’s Dilemma

    The Prince’s Dilemma

    The Prince’s Dilemma Animation Country of Origin: USA The film follows Prince Philip, who longing to be with a prince of his own, must decide to follow the traditional tale expected of him or forge his own happily ever after. DIRECTOR Devin Rowe No Email Provided Social Media ABOUT THE ARTIST Devin Rowe is a…

  • The Kiki House of Vase

    The Kiki House of Vase

    The Kiki House of Vase Documentary Country of Origin: TAIWAN The Kiki House of Vase is a ballroom house based in Taipei. Ballroom is more than just a space to dance — it’s where people of an LGBT people can find unconditional support and a family regardless of their orientation or gender identity. DIRECTOR Syrus…

  • The Summoning

    The Summoning

    The Summoning Horror Country of Origin: USA Max is desperate to find the truth about her sister’s death, but gets in over her head when she turns to local witch Avery for help. DIRECTORS Caitlin Kleppinger & Christina Kleppinger No Email Provided Social Media DIRECTOR STATEMENT The Kleppinger sisters are comfortable writing a variety of…

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